Best Places to Release Oceanside Squirrels to Give Them a Chance at Survival!

Relocating the Oceanside squirrels is not an easy matter. In fact, based on the study, only a minimum amount of relocated squirrels will survive. Taking them away from their habitat and placing them in an unfamiliar territory will most likely result to their demise. This is why some states will not allow you to relocate the squirrels away from their territory. 

Guide on Releasing the Squirrels

Some California people will think that wild creatures such as squirrels will normally belong in the wild. However, this is not necessarily the case especially for the squirrels that have fully-adapted on the urban setting. Proper release and relocation of the squirrels will need a great deal of dedication and work to guarantee the success of the release.

Call the Wildlife Rehabilitators

In case you encountered orphaned, injured, or sick California squirrel, you should not carelessly approach them and relocate them in the wild. There are processes that need to be covered to boost their survival rate. For the orphaned squirrel, you need to ensure first that the baby squirrel is really abandoned by the mother squirrel. You will need to give the mother squirrel the chance to retrieve her babies. In the meantime while waiting for the return of the female raccoon, you need to make sure that they will stay warm and safe. On the off chance that the mother squirrel did not return, it is time for you to call the help of the wildlife rehabilitators.

Wildlife rehabilitators will be nursing the orphaned, injured, and sick Oceanside animals. Animals that can no longer be saved will be euthanized. While the squirrels are kept in the animal center, their interaction with the human will be kept at the minimum level. They will ensure that the squirrel will be prepared to live in the wild together with the same species. They can also ensure that the squirrel would be old enough to be released in the wild.

Release the Squirrel within Their Territory

In some instances, you will only be allowed to release the California squirrel within their territory. Before you release them, make sure that all entry holes in your house have been sealed to guarantee that they will not return inside the house. When you are releasing them outside, you will need to place the cage first in the safe area of your house. It should be away from the harsh weather condition and predators. They should be kept inside the cage for a couple of days. Give them with enough water and nourishment to ensure that they will not starve to death. Limit your interaction with the squirrel or they will rely on the human presence. After that, you may open the door of the cage that will enable them to explore the new surroundings. 

Releasing the Oceanside squirrel should not be rushed. This is a time-consuming process that requires your dedication to guarantee the success of relocating the squirrel. You should also familiarize yourself on the local regulation. There are some areas where it is considered unlawful to release a particular breed of squirrel in the wild area. 

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