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Welcome to Pest Animal Removal Oceanside! We are a wildlife removal company servicing Oceanside, CA. When gophers or moles are in your yard, they can destroy the beauty of your home. They ruin your beautiful landscaping, damage routes to trees and bushes, and can obliterate your garden. These nuisance animals can be quite destructive for sure, but getting rid of them is extremely difficult. This is why you need to call us. For over a decade now we have serviced this area, providing the removal of these types of critters. We use techniques that are proven to quickly capture and remove these animals without using harmful chemicals or poisons. We don't want to do anything that endangers you or your family. We just want to help you get rid of these animals. That's why we use techniques that have been proven to do the job each and every time. Once we have remove these animals, we assist you with any building repair that is necessary as a result of the damage that may have caused. If you have problems with other wild animals, we are here to assist you with that as well. No animal is too large or too small for us. We are experts in this field and have technicians on duty 24 hours a day to assist you. Call us today if you are in need of this type of service. Call us now at 442-232-2575 for your Oceanside wildlife control needs.

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Oceanside Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Why Using Poisons Against California Opossums Does More Harm Than Good!

Perhaps you consider the Oceanside opossum in your yard your biggest problem. Opossum may not be as destructive as the rat but they can still cause considerable damage to our property. They may help in controlling the population of the insect but they can also carry parasites and pathogens that can be transferred to humans and pets. Before you look for the best method to eliminate them, you may need to consider first the dangers associated in using poison.

The Dangers of Using Poison for Your Opossum Infestation

Remember that there are no poisons that are manufactured specifically to end your California opossum infestation. Most of them are rodenticides that are intended for the rodent infestation. You do not have a way to verify its effectiveness against a marsupial creature such as opossum. Furthermore, there are numerous risks that are related on using chemical substance. Here are some of them.

Dangers to the Kids

Leaving your bait outside in an area that is usually occupied by your California kids is the perfect recipe for a disaster. Your kids have that curious nature and any things that are not familiar to them will attract their interest. Most of the commercially-manufacture poisons have a peculiar shape. It may look like a pellet that will resemble their favorite cereal or candy. In fact, the rodenticide has that sweet scent and taste that will tempt your kids to have a taste of it. According to the latest report, there is a 40% increase on the accounts of children who accidentally ingested pest poison.

Dangers to Your Oceanside Pets

When you are not monitoring your poison, there is a high possibility that your pets will accidentally eat it. In case you noticed, your pets have an uncanny ability to get a hold of the things that are beyond their reach. The probability that your pets will find a hidden poison is extremely high due to their keen sense of smell.

Risks of Dealing with a Dead Body

You are probably wondering why most experts will only recommend the California humane method. This is due to the fact that there are dangers associated with the carcass of the dead opossum. There are two types of poisons for pests; anti-coagulant and the non anti-coagulant. The anti-coagulant will cause the opossum to suffer an internal hemorrhage. It takes an average of 6 days before the opossum will die due to the poison. On the other hand, the non anti-coagulant will be able to kill them after a few hours. This means that there are no poisons that can instantly kill the creature. They can die in the obscure and hard-to-reach areas of your house. You may also contract different diseases from handling the dead body of the opossum.

As we often mentioned, the humane method will always be the better alternative to deal with your Oceanside opossum infestation. Poisons will continuously release chemicals that will contaminate your soil. In addition, inhaling these chemicals will lead to the irritation of your respiratory tract.